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11.17.2017 - Ruth K. Meyer: Chicago’s Art Deco Penny Scales at the 2017 Conference of the International Council of Museums
01.01.2013 - National Inventors Hall of Fame Extends Exercising Ingenuity in Fitness and Health Exhibit Through December 2013
10.01.2011 - Exercising Ingenuity in Fitness and Health - The National Inventors Hall of Fame and Museum
03.20.2010 - Exhibition sets new attendance record
01.20.2010 - Press release for The Ohio State University Urban Arts Space - Feb. 2 through March 7, 2010
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ABC 6 On Your Side - 12.10.2019
Maß und Gewicht - Dimensions and Weight
Zeitschrift fur Metrologie - Journal of Metrology
Nr. 120, Dezember 2016
The American Weigh - Wiegen auf Amerikanisch
This essay introduces the collection of coin-operated public weighing machines belonging to Christopher K. Steele, Columbus, Ohio, US. These are American “penny scales” that date from 1891 to 1991. This essay traces the evolution of these machines in Europe and America using selected examples from the Steele collection and is illustrated with items from his archives of ephemera. It is our thesis that the exterior design of scales closely follows trends in architecture from the Belle-Epoque through Art Déco. The mechanical advances include precision weighing, sound, operational efficiencies, ticket printing and distribution, fortune-telling and culminate in the digital read outs of the computer scales
Read the article here:     Maß und Gewicht, Meyer Steele 2016

Broad and High - 12.10.2013

TIMELINE, Ohio Historical Society’s October-December 2011 issue, honors the American Penny Scale with a 14 page cover article titled, The American Weigh. Text was written by art historian Ruth K. Meyer, Ph.D. Nineteen of the collection’s fun and colorful, mechanical wonders, dating from 1891 to1991, are highlighted along with many items from the Christopher K. Steele Collection’s ephemera archive.

Read the article here:     Timeline, Meyer Steele 2011
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Historic penny scale film shot by Nat Raizner circa 1945

This historic penny scale film was shot by Nat Raizner circa 1945 in the Bronx and Manhattan across from five drugstores. This film was used to convince merchants that penny scales in vestibules did not impede traffic in and out of stores.